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Ailsa on her first hike in our woods with Diana and Gunner.

Ailsa (pronounced “ILL-SA”) is a one and a half year old long haired German Shepherd who officially joined the Golden Mountain Dog Pack last week. She had initially belonged to a family who acquired her as a puppy, but who found that they no longer had the time required to train and develop this magnificent dog to her fullest potential. With her best interests in mind, they set about seeking a new permanent home for her and, thanks to our network of clients, we got connected.

As is not surprising with dogs from a single dog home, Ailsa came to us in serious need of training in dog pack etiquette. In addition to the normal routine that goes with the leader/follower programme here, she is gradually being immersed in what is normal for a dog that is part of a stable and balanced pack. Read the rest of this entry »


Minnie’s Progress – Leaner But NOT Meaner


Minnie, still chubby, looks justifiably pleased with her progress in all areas, and she's still death on flies.

Minnie had her second veterinary appointment last Thursday evening, 23 days after joining our pack. This time it was for her Lyme booster and weight check. Just as last time, she accepted being handled by our vet, Dr. Barry Falkenham of Seaside Animal Hospital in Lunenburg, and took the injection in stride. Minnie has been on a carefully regimented programme of diet and exercise, and we were pleased to find that she has shed 2.5 pounds! Overweight dogs, like overweight people, will tend to lose weight fastest at the start of a weight loss programme, and the only healthy way to lose the fat is in steady small increments. Read the rest of this entry »


Mount Up!

doggie-lover-dollA few days ago, one of our friends sent us a link to a website that introduced a new product to the dog toy market – the “Doggie Lover Doll“, touted as the world’s first sex doll for dogs. This is the kind of bizarre internet phenomenon that tends to disappear  in the blink of an eye, so in case the link stops working we’re including the contents of the press release below:

The world’s first sex doll for dogs will be launched at the 8th Pet South America (July 22nd to 24th, 2009), at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo.

You may know or have probably heard about these dolls for men that are very popular in Sex Shops around the world. There are inflatable ones, full-body, silicone, as well as other models. So now the first doll for dogs has been launched in Brazil. That’s right, a doll for dogs to practice safe sex. The majority of non-neutered dogs spend a good chunk of time looking for something to hump. They try pillows, furry creatures, people’s legs and even other animals. Read the rest of this entry »