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Rehabilitating the “Problem Dog”

Dog behaviourist Cesar Millan sums up his training goals as rehabilitating dogs and training people; in that order. It is often said that the only thing two dog trainers will completely agree on is that a third trainer is doing something wrong, but whether or not you personally embrace the Dog Whisperer’s philosophy or methods, it’s hard to argue with his priorities.

In our work, clients tend to fall into a few basic categories: there’s a new puppy in the house and its owners want to start out right; a new baby is on the way and the boisterous behaviour of the one year old boxer is suddenly worrisome in the face of a new reality, a dog has a “bad habit” or two that its owners would rather it didn’t have such as pulling on the leash, ignoring the recall, jumping on people, counter surfing, etc.; and last but not least, the “problem dog“. In this latter case, the people the dog is living with are convinced that they have tried everything and are now at their wit’s end. Read the rest of this entry »