Minnie’s Progress – Leaner But NOT Meaner


Minnie, still chubby, looks justifiably pleased with her progress in all areas, and she's still death on flies.

Minnie had her second veterinary appointment last Thursday evening, 23 days after joining our pack. This time it was for her Lyme booster and weight check. Just as last time, she accepted being handled by our vet, Dr. Barry Falkenham of Seaside Animal Hospital in Lunenburg, and took the injection in stride. Minnie has been on a carefully regimented programme of diet and exercise, and we were pleased to find that she has shed 2.5 pounds! Overweight dogs, like overweight people, will tend to lose weight fastest at the start of a weight loss programme, and the only healthy way to lose the fat is in steady small increments.

Minnie has completely joined the pack, having been accepted by, and accepting, every member. There is complete comfort and harmony no matter what is going on or who is involved. She was pretty much effortless in her absorption of leadership, and what she lacked in critical areas of obedience has quickly been corrected thanks to her fast acting intelligence and willingness to learn.


Dusty and Minnie resting comfortably together.

When we take our dogs outside as a group, or bring them back in, they are required to sit and wait to be released, one at a time. Going out to the yard or coming back in, she sits among her much larger pack mates and waits to be verbally released before proceeding. Meal times are also a group affair with each dog waiting in a down stay in their assigned positions. The filled dishes are placed next to them one at a time, and dogs are released one at a time in a consistent order: Dusty, Gunner, Milo, and then Minnie. The importance of this twice daily ritual in cementing the stability of a pack cannot be overstated, and we’ll be posting video soon.

As part of her rehabilitation programme Minnie regularly travels with us as we go about appointments and is developing a professional, “Where to next?” attitude where before there was timidity and anxiety. Keep an eye out for us!


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